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We endeavour to educate our customers about the diamond Clarity VVS (Very, Very Slight inclusions) diamonds sold at Love Central. Clarity VVS diamonds are a rare commodity, considering less than 10% of a rough diamonds are VVS and above. Most manufacturers and retailers thus avoiding using the VVS diamonds (especially the small diamonds)

We believe the cut of the diamond plays the most important role in terms of the 4Cs (Cut, Clarity, Colour, Carat Weight)
This is because no matter what colour and clarity or size of the diamond, the cut gives the diamonds the most brilliance, (the light is bounced back to your eyes viewed from above the stone.

Often even with a GIA triple excellent, cut, polish, and symmetry might not be an ideal cut stone

A wide range of variety and choices is offered to our customers. Diamonds are sourced directly from the many thousands of diamond dealers all over the world. Therefore we are able to offer quality diamonds at such unbeatable prices to the public.

At Love Central we can also design and create your dream piece should you be interested please contact our store.

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How to choose a Diamond!

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How to read GIA grading reports!

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